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Ekklesia of Texas

“And I also say to you that you are Peter, and upon this rock I will build My church; and the gates of Hades will not overpower it.”  Matthew 16:18, NASB

Welcome to Ekklesia of Texas

Ekklesia of Texas is a family of believers committed to developing Jesus’ Ekklesia in the home, church and community in order to reach and influence the people for Jesus Christ. What is Ekklesia?

In Matthew 16:18, the word Jesus used for “church” is ekklesia (Strong’s #1577), and it is so translated in the King James Version 115 times. This Greek word means “an assembly” or “a group of people called together for a purpose.“ Ekklesia, therefore, means God’s people, called together by God to listen to or act for God. The emphasis is on the action of God, which has the force of a summons (as from a judge). The Ekklesia was given the assignment and authority by Jesus to change the culture. Source: Bibletools.org


Our Mission

Ekklesia of Texas assists individuals, ministries, churches and communities into their calling to do more than gather but to also lead with God-given authority.



Ekklesia of Texas is a movement of Christians dedicated to presenting Jesus personally to this generation, to mobilizing as many as possible to help in this task, and to the training and equipping of believers for their part in fulfilling the Great Commission..

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Today’s culture is similar to that of the first century with:

  • beliefs and values prioritized in personal gratification and not God’s plan
  • belief in many gods; Jesus is just another one
  • beliefs which are based in secular humanism and not in a Creator God
  • situational ethnics ruling without the use of absolute truth
  • the worldview of the culture opposing the worldview of Jesus

God equipped His Ekklesia to reach the first century culture.

The first century Ekklesia

  • Walked in the Spirit
  • Knew that they were in a spiritual battle and knew they had everything they needed for the battle. They had His Holy Spirit and His word. They had miracles of healing and deliverances as a common place
  • Lived in the Tree of Life, not in the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil
  • They were committed to be Truth givers. They gave the people absolute truth to battle the compromised culture
  • They were the bride that is daily “prepared and ready” for His return
  • They were not fearful. They did not operate out of fear but walked in the Spirit
  • They experience Joy, Peace, Steadfast Love and all the dimensions of the fruit of the Spirit even while under persecution
  • They lived as foreigners in this world. Their vision and mission was focused on Eternity.

Ekklesia of Texas believes God has given us a plan for our culture and it’s in being called into His Ekklesia.

The plan is based on the first century church

It is popular today to ascertain what the culture wants or believes and then plan how to reach them for Jesus based on the climate of the culture. This is never how we see God’s people overcome in the Bible. Remember Gideon? Elijah? Jonah?

This is not how the Ekklesia operated in the early church. Absolute truth was given to the people by the Ekklesia and the authority of Jesus and the Holy Spirit produced fruit. God took the absolute truth and worked in the hearts of the people. The truth wasn’t based on how the culture would accept it or if it was politically correct. The truth was God’s truth and His Spirit did the work once it was delivered.

Think of Noah, Moses, Abraham, David, Elijah, The 12 Apostles, Timothy, Jonah, John the Baptist, Paul, Prisca and Aquila … they all were “called out” by God.

Today we are all “called out” by God for great and mighty things. The “signs of times” are the “Days of Noah” and there will be tribulation but there will also be great Joy, Peace, Love and Power to overcome anything that comes our way. This is His plan.

All truth is spoken in love. Eph 4:15. Love needs to run faster than truth.

Once you KNOW His voice and HEAR His voice then you act as the Ekklesia.

It’s not about OUR plan, OUR vision, OUR mission it’s all about Him and His plan.

Ekklesia of Texas will help you hear God’s voice again, find out His plans for you, and join you in preparing for the greatest Kingdom victories. Expect to experience healing, deliverance, joy, power, and love. God will be glorified when we tarry with Him to find His will. We will be empowered by His presence and word to us. Only then will we discover our specific, glorious mission that honors Him and fulfills Luke 4:18-19.

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Our Team



Mel Jones

Executive Director

Served as General Manager of Spirit 105.9. Previously VP of Sales at iHeart Radio over a cluster of 6 stations. Mel was at iHeart Radio for 21 years and in media and marketing since 1981. Developed marketing plans for national, regional and local businesses. Managed teams of 50+. Fluent in broadcast, print, outdoor and digital marketing.


Chris Maynard

VP of Operations

His ministry experience includes leading church hospitality teams, Bible studies, small groups, organizing missional outreach efforts, and serving in leadership positions on Boards of Directors. His professional experience includes sales, financial, and executive roles in businesses from startups to enterprise-sized companies. He also brings 20+ years of experience in Classical and Christian radio.


David Carolan

Founding Pastor

David helps people discover joy while catalyzing spiritual formation and discipleship. His research and teaching on joy (and rejoicing) are based upon the biblical record and its terms, Christian history, writings of theologians, and neuroscience and its proof of biblical accuracy. He leverages his years of pastoral care situations deploying the Life/Maturity and Intimacy Counseling Models and almost 30 years in executive leadership and coaching. As an advisor and life coach, he provides insights into how love and joy are two priorities of God for Christian flourishing.


Alysa Braswell

VP of Administration

Holds a Master’s in Business Administration. Extensive experience in marketing and communications, social media, website development, and event planning.