March 2023


Promotes JOY through Christian Praise and Worship music 24/7 and is local to the greater Austin area.  JOY512 promotes JOY in the communities and in Church.
In coordination with Apartment Life, Apartment Prayers get teams of people to pray for their local neighborhood apartments.  The prayers are for salvation and for God to make His voice known to all the residents in the greater Austin area.
203 is a group of believers who are intercessors for the Greater Austin area.  The 203 group prays over the seven mountains of Business/Marketplace, Church, Education, Family, Government,  Media, and Arts and Entertainment.
Learning about and practicing joyful generosity is what Generous Java is all about.  Gourmet coffee is donated to local ministries and businesses along with information about how our community can become active in supporting the healing of Austin.
Elevate512 keeps the Greater Austin area updated on all Christian concerts and events throughout the community.  Elevate512 co-promotes with concert promotion companies throughout the U.S.

Let Us Worship with Sean Feucht

On Saturday, September 10th, 2022, Sean Feucht led “Texas Let Us Worship” at Buda City Park Amphitheatre. Ekklesia of Texas, JOY512 and Luke 4:18 Ministries joined hundreds of worshippers for a powerful night of revival and prayer. Approximately 800 attended and many were prayed with for healing and salvation.  JOY512 provided additional Praise and Worship under a 60×40 tent provided by Austin Baptist Association. 

Building Joyful People Begins with God’s Love

Through teaching, coaching, and pastoral care, our founding pastor, Dr. David Carolan works with individuals and churches to increase joy with God and others. In 2022, The Joy Restart Project became part of our family of ministries. Its focus is to support the community in healing, spiritual transformation, and joyfulness.

203 Alliance

2o3 stands for two or three people and refers to the words of Jesus in Matthew 18:19-20 “Truly I tell you, if two of you on earth agree about any matter that you pray for, it will be done for you by My Father in heaven. For where two or three are gathered together in My name, I am there among them.” Every week intercessors in the Greater Austin area pray for the 7 mountains in our metro. Education, Government, Family, Media, Arts and Entertainment, Business and Church. 203 is starting these prayer groups all over Texas so go to 203 Alliance to join!

Locked Out in Lockhart, Texas

On June 5, 2022 Lockhart Churches, Ekklesia of Texas and Luke 4:18 organized a prayer walk to cover the city of Lockhart with prayer and to ask the Lord to stop the City Council from proclaiming June 2022 as Gay Pride Month in Lockhart.  He was faithful and June is still Lockhart Chisholm Trail celebrations and Juneteenth.​

JOY512 hits the airwaves.

On September 1, 2022 Austin got an all local Christian Radio station, JOY512. JOY512 promises to increase your JOY while listening and increases your JOY in the Lord. The songs selected for JOY512 have all been researched and have bible verses references for all the songs. JOY512 doesn’t focus on the songs about “me” and “I” but focuses on songs that have the object of Jesus. The songs are more about “You” , “Him”, Holy Spirit, Jesus and God the Father. This unique blend of contemporary Christian music leads the listener into a deeper JOY for the Lord and His Kingdom. JOY512 is 24/7 and can be heard on any phone or computer, along with Alexa. JOY512 is the “Joy of Austin”.


Christian Concerts and Events are a great way to engage seekers with Jesus Christ. On the front lines, is ELEVATE512 who promotes Christian Concerts and Events throughout the Central Texas Region. ELEVATE512 is the “go to” place to find out what is happening in Austin and the Central Texas area. Be sure and subscribe to ELEVATE512’s updates so you have the latest on how God is reaching people through Music and Events in our great city. and subscribe

Praying with Churches

Ekklesia of Texas and 203 prayed with Pastor Robert Krumrey before he launched Ridgetop Church on 51st St. Ridgetop is designed to reach UT students and young families in the neighborhood around 51st.   Today they have over 20 core leaders in the church and have had baptisms and great feedback from UT students.


  • Mel Jones, Executive Director: Served as General Manager of Spirit 105.9. Previously VP of Sales at iHeart Radio over a cluster of 6 stations. Mel was at iHeart Radio for 21 years and in media and marketing since 1981. Developed marketing plans for national, regional and local businesses. Managed teams of 50+. Fluent in broadcast, print, outdoor and digital marketing.
  • Dr. David Carolan, Founding Pastor:  David helps people discover joy while catalyzing spiritual formation and discipleship. His research and teaching on joy (and rejoicing) are based upon the biblical record and its terms, Christian history, writings of theologians, and neuroscience and its proof of biblical accuracy. He leverages his years of pastoral care situations deploying the Life/Maturity and Intimacy Counseling Models and almost 30 years in executive leadership and coaching. As an advisor and life coach, he provides insights into how love and joy are two priorities of God for Christian flourishing.
  • Alysa Braswell, VP of Administration: Holds a Master’s in Business Administration. Extensive experience in marketing and communications, social media, website development, and event planning. 


Building prayers teams around SXSW official Sunday Church Services March 12, 2023 and Republic Park on March 19, 2023.

Transformation Austin in 2023.

Coming alongside Education Connection to help build more Church adoptions of schools that need adults for their reading program.

Governor Abbott’s Prayer Breakfast –  May 2023